Home Electrical Safety Check-up

If your home was built 20 or more years ago, you will benefit from scheduling a home electrical safety check-up.

Like cars, pets and personal health, electrical systems can benefit from periodic check-ups.

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New Yorkers are known around the world to be fast paced and on the go people.

Let’s take a brief 3-5 minutes to slow down a bit and understand why a home electrical safety check-up can help.

Preventative Maintenance

If you have ever leased or owned a car for more than 2 years, you likely understand oil changes and vehicle inspections.

Electrical wiring, amongst other systems commonly found in a residential home, require inspections too.

Many Nassau County NY electricians agree, electrical safety inspections should be done about every 10 years.

Electrical Statistics

According to the ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International) home electrical fires account for more 1400 injuries annually.

High voltage electrical wiring used on home appliances and outlets require updating every so often to ensure they will keep up with electrical demands.

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Born before 1960? If yes, you can relate to this next bit of info.

The 3 prong outlet only became widely accepted around the year 1970.

Looking back, The National Electric Code (Best Practices / Electrical Standards) has been updated considerably over the last 40 years.

Electrical wiring installed in a home 40+ years ago may not only be inefficient today but also a potential safety issue.

Electrical Safety Questions

  • Does your circuit breaker trip when using major home appliances?
  • Do you hear buzzing near your circuit breaker or lighting at home?
  • Can you recall the last time a Licensed electrician inspected your home electrical systems?

If you answered yes or think its been more than 10 years since you have last had a whole home electrical safety check-up, please contact our electricians today. 516-361-2947

We get it – A preventative maintenance electrical service call is not the highlight of your day.

Our licensed Long Island NY Electricians understand however that electrical hazards are very real.

We always do our best to work with your unique and likely busy schedule.

Please feel free to reach out by phone or online with any questions you may have.

Contact Nello Electrical today for a home electrical safety check-up.

Our Licensed electricians help in Manhasset, Mineola, Great Neck & many other Nassau County Long Island NY towns.

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